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Why Do You Need Electrical Safety Certificate For Your Property

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Electrical safety Certificate is very important. Under English law, the health and safety of both home and work is the responsibility of the landlord and employer. These individuals are expect to ensure that their living. And working environment is always safe for the people who live and work there. For this reason, the Electrical safety Certificate and the latest industry regulations that responsible persons must comply with ensure that assets, living and working environments are safe for all.

As a result of electrical accidents and incidents, more than 4000 accidents. And about 30 deaths occur each year in the United Kingdom. The number of electrical accidents in places like Electrical safety Certificate may not be that high in big cities like London, but electricity-induce accidents do occur, and they do. It is unwise to think that it cannot happen with your property.

Obligation for Annual Electrical safety Certificate

It is true that there is no legal obligation for annual safety checks on electrical systems and equipment, but to ensure the safety of electrical systems and equipment, perform regular Electrical safety Certificate at least once every five years. Is recommend. These regular checks look for wiring, connections, and circuit wear. In this way, the failure is detect and quickly fix before escalating to a larger one.

Whether you live in St Albans, Watford or London, you can find a qualified electrical inspector in your area. These individuals are on the register of competent people. It is important to have someone qualified to perform these checks on site and to collect. A so-call Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) at the end of the check. This report contains an overview of the inspection and details of other actions that you might expect to perform. This report also serves as proof that the property has been inspect by a qualified electrician. And that the necessary modifications have been made to the electrical installations and equipment.

Each electrical inspector has its own inspection system, but the following Electrical safety Certificate shows that you have play your part in ensuring that your property is electrically sound. It provides ideas for what electrical safety inspections cover. Including visual checks, and is safe for the people who live and work there.

The main checks on the Electrical safety Certificate include:

  • Make sure the wiring is firmly ground and glue.
  • Remove the cover and check for damage to connections, conductors and circuits.
  • Make sure that the fuse box (consumer unit) is connect correctly.
  • Check for the presence of the residual current device (RCD) and make sure it is functioning properly. The RCD is usually next to a circuit breaker and is design. To turn off electricity when an abnormal current is detect. You must activate the test button to verify that this device is functioning properly.
  • Make sure the socket and outlet are not overload.
  • Make sure the smoke and fire alarms are install and functioning properly.
  • Check for damage and wear on cables, plugs, and other connecting leads.
  • Make sure that each electrical device has the proper cover and is properly install.
  • Make sure the weighing equipment is not clutter, damage or overheat.
  • Keep a copy of the EICR and other documents to prove compliance and to show that your property is safe.

Electrical accidents that result from failure to meet this obligation impose high fines and. In some cases, can have legal implications. So to the landlords and agents the safety of their property’s electrical installations. Electrical safety Certificate is important to understand that you are responsible. 

Guidelines of Landlord Electrical safety Certificate

The Electrical safety Certificate above is provid as a guide for all those responsible for the safe environment of domestic and commercial facilities. You can always find more information about the electrical safety of your property on the EICR website in London, UK. London Property Inspections is the most reliable and best electrical contractor who can contact you about your Electrical safety Certificate. Please do not postpone this tomorrow. Contact us now.

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