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Eliminating Carbon Footprint with Electronic Document Management System

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Carbon footprint is known as the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced because of our actions. A lot of us think that our actions towards the growth of carbon footprint are negligible, however, even a minor action every day contributes a lot. If you are a business owner, your company must be contributing to the increase in carbon footprint in one way or another. While some actions are unavoidable, one step that every business can take is using an electronic document management system.

Some companies already have a minimum paper dependency, especially the tech companies. However, other companies depend a lot on paperwork. Accounting, Law, Construction, Healthcare & Education are the primary industries that have to depend on massive paperwork.

Did you know every tree we cut down, produces 12,500 sheets of paper? Apart from that, the following are the

other problems with using paper:

  • 20% of paper documents are either misfiled or lost.
  • 40% of the paper copies are disposed of within 24 hours of their creation

How many times have you taken out a print of paper and realized that there is an error in it? This is a highly common phenomenon that increases the carbon footprint. This is where the use of custom-made electronic document management system in Oman comes into play.

Reduce Carbon Footprint with an Electronic Document Management System

With the use of an electronic document management system in Oman, you can stop using paper in multiple activities. For instance, any public announcement, inter-office memos, and activities can be announced online. The best part of digitization is that it is a one-time endeavour. Any cost of digitization is recovered over time. Yale’s School of Medicine saved $92,000 when they stopped printing bills and documents on paper. You can do a lot more through a single document management software than thousands of sheets of paper. Not to mention the massive savings you make by not using printer ink.

A reliable and versatile cloud-based document management solution fits most of the organization’s communication needs without depending on the paper. As we already mentioned above, the healthcare industry is still heavily dependent on paper. Right from assigning a waiting number to the patients, to doctors checking charts and assigning prescriptions – every step requires the use of paper. This is why, it is crucial for the healthcare sector to implement a digital transformation in the documentation process.

Yes, it’s true that digital transformation can be time-taking because the entire business process cannot be changed overnight. However, by using task management software in Oman, the overall processes can be improved. You can store medical reports, bills, patient lists and other sensitive information in a centralized folder that can be accessed by specific users only. Also, you can create subfolders in this with their own set of permissions. For instance, you can upload a specific test result in a folder that is visible to the laboratory expert, the doctor, and the specific patient only, but others will not have access to it.

 Other Advantages of Using an Electronic Document Management System Oman

Security – One of the most crucial aspects of a document management software is data security. Digital documents are more secure than any flimsy old piece of paper. When an electronic document management system in Oman is installed, the content is locked behind 256-bit bank-level encryption and all the content is transferred through SSL encryption. Thus, there is no way anyone is getting in without proper authorization.

Less Time Consumption – For the companies that have to sift through massive volumes of paperwork, going digital is even more crucial because it will trim hundreds of human hours spent only on searching through documents. With an electronic document management system, you can easily find out the document you are searching for within a few seconds.

Better Integration – Currently, every organization has business applications in their existing workflow. The best part of task management software in Oman is that it can integrate easily with ALL critical business applications. The ability to send and receive any type of document within the document management system used in the business is extremely helpful. You can save all forms of documents as well. Thus, the document management system contains everything.

Making Your Company Carbon Neutral with an Electronic Document Management System

Being carbon neutral means, any amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere is also balanced with some other activity that reduces the emission of CO2 from the atmosphere. If an organization can help in reducing the emission of CO2 than its emission, it becomes a “climate positive” organization. While companies like Apple have committed to decreasing their carbon footprint by creating recyclable and biodegradable hardware, they have put out a date as far as 2040. Amazon & Microsoft has targeted 2030 to become climate positive.

It is next to impossible for a company to go through an entire day without any documentation. No workflow is hassle-free unless the information moves freely. This is why, you need an electronic document management system. The change in infrastructure and company-wide policies will take time, but recognizing the problem is the first step toward digital transformation. Most business organizations have already started the process of complete digital transformation using a custom electronic task management system in Oman.

The major problem with any form of documentation is the piling up. The larger the pile, the higher will be the complexity. Using a reliable system to manage the files is the difference between a smooth operation and a teetering business. The document management system is all about creating an environment where all the stakeholders can easily and quickly access the content that they are looking for while the documents remain secured. Streamlining documents will do wonders to improve efficiency. When you have access to all the necessary information immediately, it will provide you a competitive edge above those who are using the traditional documentation processes.

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