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District of Alanya: Where To Real Estate Investment in Turkey

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Real Estate Investment in Turkey to show its vast and prominent position on the Mediterranean coast Real estate investors and homebuyers can choose from over 100 districts in Alanya, please make no mistake. The region has lost its central reputation as Antalya and is becoming a destination in its own right.

In the last five yearsThe local council has promoted Alanya to a large audience around the world. And the effort has paid off as foreign tourists and real estate buyers flock to the beach entertainment venues. According to statistics, 139 km east of Antalya, 30% of foreign real estate purchases occur in the city of Alanya. which is home to many foreigners throughout the year.

Whether you want to join or enter the Real Estate Investment in Turkey. There are many parts of the city waiting for you.

Alanya’s Three Districts for Homebuyers

Mahmutlar: Affordable in a Popular Neighborhood

Mahmutler’s waterfront, which gets the most attention. It has impressive features to be proud of. Many foreign real estate buyers head to Mahmutlar for a bonus for its beachfront location due to its excellent price per square meter.

Residents 8 km from the city center have an excellent transport network. And when the area grows Local governments also respond to the need by improving roads and infrastructure. Real Estate Investment in Turkey is not only a popular hub for international buyers. But there is also a thriving trade in the citrus and banana industry. Gazipasa Airport is becoming more and more popular. It’s only a 25-minute drive and is easily accessible.

Avsallar: Great for First-time Buyers

In the opposite direction, Avsallar, nestled between the city center and the small area of ​​Side, is another seaside destination that guarantees Turkey’s loose Mediterranean lifestyle. But local buses provide easy access to shops, bars, banks and restaurants.

As another district that attracts more tourists and foreigners. Feel free to flaunt the beautiful beaches, which are among the best in the Antalya region. Avsallar’s position from the center again means that the well-priced real estate port is ideal for cheap Real Estate Investment in Turkey.

Tosmur: Beach and Riverside Surroundings

Tosmur residents enjoy the best of both worlds, with shops, bars and restaurants just a few steps away. But it is 6km east of the city center and 6km west of Mahmutler. Location is all there. In this case, residents of Toshmur can choose. And with more options, Tosmur offers something nowhere else.

The beach is the center of everyday life but also next to the beautiful river day. Think riverside restaurants where you can enjoy Turkish gazebos, picnics, fishing, barbecues and enjoying the beauty of nature. Kester, across the Dim River, is another popular home-buying destination.

The Center of Alanya

The district has everything for a comfortable lifestyle. But budget-conscious buyers who want to be the center of action should start looking for properties in Garapinari, Hisarichi or Sarai Mahares. Bars, restaurants, shops, banks, everything within walking distance are open all year round. But local buses often run to the suburbs.

Gazipasa Airport is 1 hour away and Antalya Airport is 2 hours away. Real Estate Investment in Turkey here means immersing yourself in the hub of action. But do not think that this is a typical urban lifestyle. The unique atmosphere will distract you from the hustle and bustle of city life. Click here for details about Property in Alanya.

Contact us for more information about Alanya District’s outstanding real estate portfolio. Local sellers will guide you through the main points of sale in each district. Or check out our portfolio of apartments and villas or Real Estate Investment in Turkey.

Alanya’s Quick Guide: This article is a brief introduction. for first time visitors including things to do historical facts And why has this region become one of Turkey’s most popular destinations?

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