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How Do I Transition My Bird To A Pelleted Diet?

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My Bird To A Pellet Diet

Switching your bird’s seed diet to pellet-based can be difficult. They may not think of pellets as food at first. You must wean them off of seeds for 4-8 weeks while making the pellet available all the time. Mixing seeds and pellets isn’t a good idea since birds will most likely pick out the seeds. It may take several days up to months to transition their diet. Here are some tips to effectively convert your pet’s diet:

  • Don’t totally eliminate seeds without verifying if your bird eats a bit of the seed or some fruits and veggies.
  • Monitor your bird’s weight using a scale with a gram increment to ensure that their weight is still well-maintained.

‚óŹAlthough stubborn, birds are trainable. Transitioning your bird to a new diet may be stressful, but proper guidance from a good veterinarian Oshawa, ON can help to make your pet’s nutrition better.

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