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Teaching Your Dog To Swimming

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Teaching Your Dog To Swimming

Summer is coming! Do you like heading out to some of our beautiful lakes? Many of our canine friends love splashing around in the water. Of course, while swimming comes naturally to some dogs, others must be taught.

If your pet doesn’t know how to swim, it’s in your best interest to show him. Start by holding him as you go into the water. Support him and encourage him as he figures out the doggy paddle. It’s a good idea to put a lifejacket on him, especially at first. Don’t force your pup into the water, and never just put him in and expect him to figure it out. Even if he does, he will likely be terrified by the experience.

Keep in mind that swimming isn’t going right for all dogs. Some pups just aren’t cut out for it! Very small dogs are best kept on land, as are brachycephalic dogs and many large breeds. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Be sure to consult your veterinarians Brampton, ON regularly for more information on your dog’s health and care needs.

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