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Document Management Solutions You Can’t Ignore for a Government Company

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Do you hate a lot of paperwork? Well, it seems like most people these days hate the same thing. Global document management solutions are skyrocketing. These solutions can contribute a lot to your company’s document flow. Now the question is, how can you find a document management system for government organizations? There are two ways to do that – you can either build one or you can opt for a readymade one.

Here is a detailed comparison between building a document management system vs. choosing a readymade one.

 #1 Consider the Costs

There is no denying the fact that developing a document management system needs a substantial amount of initial investment. However, if you include the lifetime corporate subscription of choosing a ready-made DMS software, you shall see it is more cost-efficient to create your product.

 #2 Integration

When it comes to the ready-made document management solution, you’ll see that most of them will not integrate with other software. Due to this, users must move copies of the same document into the CRM & CMS systems. On the contrary, when you develop a custom document management system, you shall be able to integrate it with any organization’s adopted software empowering the overall workflow.

 #3 Functionality & Features

There are a lot of document management solutions present in the market. However, finding the right one that suits the business needs can be tricky. Why? The commercial software will target a diverse range of businesses that have different needs. Thus, you shall not only pay for the in-package services that you might never use but also, you may not get the customized features that you need.

Thus, it is a better idea to build your document management system.

But what does it take to create a document management system for government organizations? For starters, you must be aware of the features you want to add to the process and understand the basics of the software development process. Does it sound too complicated? Not to worry, we shall break it down for you in the following section of the blog.

Here are the features of an effective document management system.

 #1 Having a Coherent File Structure

It is crucial to design a simple file structure so that the users can learn quickly and adapt to it. The tree structure is the easiest file structure throughout different types of software. In a tree structure, the entry can be either a file, a folder, or a subfolder. Since every file has a unique pathway, the tree structure seems the easiest file structure.

 #2 Tailored Tagging and Naming 

With the ability to tag the content and its owners will easily automate the review process and keep it updated. Every organization comes with its own set of rules when naming a document. The document management solution should support the existing rules for naming.

 #3 Accessing Multiple Platforms & Devices

The system must run smoothly through multiple devices like mobile, desktop & tablet, ensuring a seamless experience. With work from home taking over, it is crucial to offer tools for document access, file sharing, and editing easily from anywhere in the world. Thus, if you build a mobile app along with the web based DMS, you can have some additional support.

 #4 A Strong Search Engine

With content expanding, it is becoming more and more difficult to find things in the document management software. Thus, it is crucial to create a system where you can search for documents using as many search criteria as possible. This can include the title, date, category, author, and tag.

 #5 Version Control

Version control ensures better collaboration between employees who are working on the same document. This feature helps the users in backing up and tracking their files over time.

 #6 Collaborative Editing

With this feature helps many users to engage in simultaneous edits and check who all are accessing the document. Along with that, you can also switch between the modes of file access like Google Docs. Some documents are free to access for everybody while others are available only for specific users or groups.

 #7 Third-Party Integration

On average, any small business will use nearly 100 different software products, while large corporations use close to 300 apps. Thus, the document management system for government organizations should easily integrate with the most essential the applications like chat solutions, email, or other software chosen by your company. All the file types must be easy to import and export from other applications.

 #8 Scalable Storage 

When it is about storage, the better option is to have more space instead of less. The modern document management system for government organizations comes with cloud storage solutions that are easily scalable depending on the requirements of the business organization.

 #9 Security

It is imperative to secure the files on every level, right from user authentication to the prevention of external threats to the multiple classes of documents. You can’t wait for a data breach to happen. Also, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.

 #10 Archiving 

This is another important aspect of document management solutions. Throughout your work with clients, you will be creating a wide array of documents. Some partnerships last for a long time. You need to archive the files related to other previous projects as well. These archived documents will help you to use references in hand or comply with the industry regulations.

 Some Final Thoughts

Choosing the correct document management business software can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. These few tips on the features will help in making the right choice for the company. A lot of organizations are unaware of the main benefits of a good document management solution. The details of these features will help them know about the benefits of it. Thus, using such powerful technical advancements as a document management system will help the overall profit and growth of the company.

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