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Dragon birthday games

You have decided to bring the dragons from lands near and far for your child’s upcoming birthday. Here are some ideas for dragon birthday games to keep them busy during the party or entertain a group of children one afternoon! Also Read: Fruits Name For Kids

Ideas from Games and Company

Dragon Pinata

When not protecting the princesses in the towers, dragons are often found guarding piles of shiny treasures. Fill a dragon-shaped pinata with sweets and goodies, then.

Tell the party guests that they must slay the dragon to collect its prizes. When the dragon is spread, and the awards move in, the dragon is considered slain, and the children share the treasure as a reward. Discover or rediscover the rules of the pinata game on this page.

“Dragon Wings” Relay Race

Cut out the shapes of two pairs of dragon wings from cardboard. Separate the actors into two teams and give each team a set of wings. Runners must hold their wings on their backs (or above their heads) and pretend to “fly” to the finish line, then back to their teams. They hand the wings off to the next party. 

Dragon’s Tail

Have the children line up in a single file, with each player’s hands about the waist of the person in front of them (alternatively, players can hold hands). The front of the line is the dragon’s head, and the back is the tail. The idea is that the person at the start of the line tries to catch the last person in line (the tail). Participants must not let go of other players during the chase. After the 1st person in line touches the “tail of the dragon,” the “tail” goes ahead and then becomes “the catcher.” Keep playing for everyone to become the tail of the dragon.

Dragon Egg Hunt

Hide plastic eggs around the play area and send the kids on a hunt for those “dragon eggs.” You can fill the eggs with small prizes (or buy bigger prizes and number them and write the numbers on the plastic eggs before hiding them).

Dragon Fire

To play this dragon birthday game, draw a dragon’s head on a piece of cardboard and cut out the mouth. Paint a few empty water bottles or canisters with bright orange paint. You can also glue orange paper, cut in the shape of flames, to the front of the bottles. Place the dragon’s head on a table and place the flame vials in the mouth (you may need to put them on a shoebox or something to get them high enough). Ask the children to stand a few feet away and try to extinguish the dragon’s breath by throwing water balloons at the flames. Score a point each time a bottle falls off the table. Award prizes based on the number of points scored.

Dragon’s Lair

To play this game, choose one player to be the dragon. The other players can be villagers or knights and princesses. Define a small space in the play area and call it “dragon’s lair.” Give the Dragon a Serpentine Yarn Bomb(also called crazy wire). The dragon should try to breathe fire on the villagers by spraying them with twisting thread. If a player is hit with a threat by the dragon, they must sit in the dragon’s lair and wait to be rescued (hit) by one of the other players. If the dragon manages to put three players in its lair simultaneously, it becomes a villager, and one of the captured players must become the dragon.

Hold your tail

Each player needs a dragon tail for this game. You can place a scarf on the back of each participant’s pants. Set a timer and have them race around the play area. The goal is for each player to steal as many tails as possible while protecting their own. If a cue is stolen, it can be replaced by a volley from another player. When the time is up, all players without a tail are eliminated. The remaining players count their tails, and whoever has the most is crowned dragon king or queen.

Save the princess

one player is designated to be the princess, another to be the dragon, and the rest of the players are knights. Stake two flags on the ground to be several dozen meters apart. This is the entrance to the tower. The princess must stand a few feet behind the entrance to the tower while the dragon stands in front. The dragon’s job is to prevent the knights from entering the tower to save the princess. Arm the dragon with a long-range water gun. The knights must try to pass the dragon and reach the princess one at a time.

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