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7 Red Flags Your Business Needs CRM Software Development Right NOW!

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When your business data is organized and managed by a certain CRM platform, you shall have a better understanding of your audience. This, in turn, leads to better services and solutions for your customers. With a strong CRM, it becomes easy to digitize and automate the overall work process. It helps to speed up the sales cycle and with a fully integrated CRM, the data silos are removed. This helps with cross-departmental collaboration.

Now the question is, how can a business organization understand whether they need custom CRM development? To help understand this, we have brought a list of the top 7 signs that your business needs CRM software.

 #1 Struggling with Sales

At one point in time, every company has been a new entrant or launched a new product. However, if you struggle to keep up with the business that you are generating, you shall need to invest in proper CRM software development. A CRM can help in sorting, analyzing, and prioritizing the sales leads helping you to focus on the opportunities quickly and more efficiently. Thus, your customer service team will have the information that they need for cross-selling and upselling.

 #2 Difficulty in Building Customer Profiles

If you are not able to locate the customer data points, and all you can do is guesswork while building a customer profile, it is time to invest in a custom CRM development. A CRM will also help in developing visibility into your sales team’s activities.

 #3 Trouble with Customer Service

Are you finding it difficult to retain your customers? Do you have a slow average first response time? If the customer service reps are reacting to the customer issues and are not proactively working with customers, it is time to invest in CRM software development. A CRM shall also offer the following:

  • Chatbots/digital assistants for handling high-volume & low urgency questions & redirect cases to correct agents.
  • There are knowledge management tools in the CRM that help the agents in answering questions. Also, these tools can be used for self-service assistance as well.
  • There are a variety of digital customer service tools which include live chatting, video chatting, co-browse functionality & telephony that helps customers in interacting with the customer service team irrespective of time.

 #4 No Collaboration between Sales & Marketing Department

A good CRM can hold all sorts of information and it can be the rally point for different teams. The lack of collaboration can be the source of multiple customer pain points and the promises done to them will slip through the cracks. No one is aware of the customer history. Without seamless co-operation amongst all the teams, the customers will leave.

When you align the business processes with sales, customer service, marketing, and even back-office roles like inventory, billing & logistics, the whole work process becomes much more organized. However, doing this is a tricky affair and businesses cannot do this manually.

When all the components of a custom CRM development process share a common data model, every employee can access it and add data. It becomes easy to collaborate and share insights, issues, leads, and purchase history. When it becomes easy to share information across teams, efficiency, and productivity increase. There are no data silos, and the complete organization comes up as one cohesive unit for the customers. Thus, it helps in gaining loyalty.

 #5 Unknown High-Value Accounts

No business would want its best customers to feel unappreciated. This is hard if you are not aware of who the high-value clients are. With the right CRM software development, it becomes easy to figure out the high-value clients so that all the customer-facing employees can treat them accordingly to increase loyalty.

 #6 You Cannot Identify the Contacts 

The CRM solutions will help in keeping a track of the contacts in a business so that both the sales and marketing teams can communicate accordingly. Better CRM solutions will supplement the account and contact data with third-party data sources. In this way, all the information remains complete and updated. Thus, if a contact has shifted to a new job, your sales, services, and marketing teams will be aware of it. This will help in maintaining and rebuilding important relationships.

 #7 Difficult Reporting & Forecasting

When the reports are still produced by creating and downloading spreadsheets, it becomes a time-consuming process. Also, there are high chances of errors. Inaccurate reports will lead to faulty sales forecasting. With a custom CRM tool, it becomes easy to make real-time and accurate forecasting.

These are the 7 Red flags that indicate your business organization needs a custom CRM development strategy.

 Closing Remarks

A CRM software is an integrated suite of mostly cloud applications including marketing cloud, sales cloud, and service cloud that collects and stores customer data. This will offer you a centralized platform for the sales team to deal with customer interactions and prioritize activities. Thus, no customer will feel ignored.

A CRM tool is THE most important tool in a sales rep’s arsenal. This is more than just a contact management system. If used to its full capacity, the CRM will help the sales reps in spending more time with the customers. The higher a sales rep can spend time with the customers, the higher deals will be closed, and your business gets more loyal customers.

Any company, regardless of its size, will benefit from cross-functional CRM solutions. As a business grows and expands, it becomes crucial to include a CRM software development process. Apart from improving customer services, CRM is also effective in addressing customer queries.

At present, a lot of companies are choosing to use AI-enabled custom CRM development because it uses machine learning to investigate the data through every sales opportunity and forecast the likelihood of a new close date. Also with digital assistants, chatbots, and other automated messaging systems for handling customer inquiries like order status and payments due.

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