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How to Wear White Eyeliner?

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When it comes to strong eye makeup, talking about white eyeliner may seem weird. Surprisingly, including white eyeliner into your cosmetic routine can elevate your entire look. A line of white liner on the waterline can make your eyes look much bigger, and the contrast between white and black eyeliner will draw even more attention to a cat-eye. To spice up your makeup regimen, try these five creative ways to wear white eyeliner:

1. To begin, layer your eyeliner

Apply a line of black liner, either a simple line or a furious cat eye, as you normally would. Directly above the black, draw another line of white eyeliner. The white-on-black contrast will highlight the black line, making it appear even bolder. If you want to thicken your eyeliner or make your cat-eye pop, putting white above black is the way to go.

2. Cover the inner corner of your eyes

Instead of using a shimmering white eye shadow to contour the inner corners of your eyes, use white eyeliner to create a long-lasting white tone.

3. Say goodbye to the redness

Apply white eyeliner around the bottom waterline to conceal any redness in your eyes. This method is really effective. You can still wear black eyeliner, but the white will make everything look cleaner.

4. Opt for comprehensive coverage

On the upper lid, apply white eyeliner and mix it across the entire eyelid, finishing with a sparkly white shadow. For a 360-degree bright white effect, use both white liner and shimmer under your eyes.

5. On the lower waterline, use as a kajal

Instead of kajal, use a white pencil on your lower waterline, followed by conventional black kajal (right below it). This will make your eyes appear larger and more assertive.

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