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Medical Astrology Will Help You Recover From All Your Suffering Today

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Ravi is a Hindu boy and is constantly suffering from health ailments. His health is Deteriorating every day, Which is affecting his daily lifestyle. Seeing this one day, his friends Suggested he follow medical astrology online.

Upon following medical astrology reading online, He would come to know the troubles in his natal chart which is causing His health ailments. He will also receive solutions for those problems I am following and this will slowly help him recover from them.

Medical Astrology is one of the main branches of astrology. According to medical astrology, a person’s health depends on their power, moon sign, and the position of the nine planets in their birth chart. Our natal chart has 12 houses, and each house represents that part of the human body. 

 The 12 zodiac signs denote different parts of the Kaala Purusha body

“Kala Purusha” or “Cosmic Man” is a profound Vedic astrological concept and can be explained in many ways. One should follow medical astrology remedies if they are facing medical issues regularly.

The information needed to create a birth or birth chart is the date of birth, exact time of delivery, and place of birth (city, state, and country). What is a natal or natal chart? While planets and stars act as guides, they are also symbols and energy systems that can help us find more profound insights into who we are and how we can change and transform our lives. From a psychological and therapeutic point of view, a natal chart is a symbolic mirror of our character and soul. 

Benefits of medical astrology Reading: A tool to understand the physical condition of each person; Gain perspective on personality traits, health, environment, and attitudes towards life; Identify health problem areas in your body and how to deal with them; This reading can help patients understand their needs and determine the path they should take to stay healthy.

What is medical astrology?

Medical astrology is a science that is still hidden from the world, and not a few practitioners of Vedic astrology know its inner secrets. When this secret science is thoroughly studied, humanity, perfectly healthy and spiritually strong, has such potential. There is ample scientific evidence that the configuration of the planets affects not only one another but also living and nonliving things on Earth.

We must now ask ourselves why people are not interested in such a system. Apart from assumptions, everything else can be calculated mathematically and applied scientifically. 

Given the complexity involved and the magnitude of the scope, it is sometimes possible to judge something and ignore some factors. In all areas of scientific work, assumptions are made, and a certain degree of perfection is guaranteed. Follow the free health horoscope Today and start living a healthy life again.

What is the Scope of Medical Astrology?

It has a strong base in India. It considers deeper issues related to human life. Western medicine believes in the systematic treatment of disease. But lately, some researchers have been looking for the cause. In India, some doctors keep in touch with astrologers and often consult with their patients. Astrology believes in the theory of KARMA. 

So, Medical Astrology considers the following factors: Men and women have different disease groups. • Some diseases are widespread. When children are born, some of them suffer from illnesses related to their past karma

What does astrology means in medical astrology?

Astro (Jyothi) means light and radiance naturally emitted by the Sun. Since time immemorial, the Sun, moon, stars, planets, etc., have been known as a source of light and other types of energy. The effects of these rays on living things and the environment, climatic conditions, seasons, etc., make the study of these rays necessary. 

This study is called astrology. The ancient man was well acquainted with this knowledge as a result it is believed that light is the source of joy, and darkness is the opposite. The primitive man recognized that the moments of the Sun, Moon, and other planets followed a specific pattern and played an essential role in human life. 

So, with great curiosity and profound observations, they began to conclude constant research by giving thoughts, experiments, tests, etc., so that Astrology, also known as Jyotisha literature, is an extraordinary and primitive science. It has thrived since its inception and is evergreen. It is the highest among the Vedic sciences, like the tail of a peacock or the jewel on the head of a serpent. 

The astrology guide for locals works precisely, considering the locals’ perspective based on the time factor. But the problem depends on the personal understanding and coordination of all the facts. No subject is recognized as science unless it is proven. Therefore, proper investigation and confirmation of the facts are beyond doubt. Because it refers to the way of human life or events in nature. 

Every aspect of science has a reason. But the existence of a cause is different from paying attention to the cause. Depending on the social change, the seasons change. Therefore, one should follow a free horoscope online with much concentration and understanding. 

Medical astrology will help in the prediction of diseases:-

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign from Aries. This is a mental sign, and it is the main sign to keep in mind when researching illness. Virgo means virgin. Virgo is a man or woman who has no sexual intercourse and is chaste, pure, and sober.

Health is maintained perfectly when all the chemical components of blood are present in average amounts. Also, in secular astrology, if the sign of Virgo is affected by a relationship or aspect of a dangerous planet, then the whole world will have to suffer from ill health and illness of one kind or another.According to astrological nomenclature, Virgo is designated as a sign representing illness as a result  the soul has a significant impact on health. When the mind is affected, the physical body also suffers. When the Sun enters Virgo every year, public health suffers from indigestion and intestinal problems. The solar plexus is associated with sensations and sensations. 

In predicting illness, the first step is to assess the zodiac sign, Virgo, then the 6th house of the Ascendant because the 6th house governs the intestines and digestive organs. Other factors to consider when predicting disease include:

  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fiery signs and control the vitality of men.
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs and hold human flesh and bones.
  • Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are wind signs that control one’s breathing.
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs and hold human blood.
  • The head, face, heart, back, thighs, and hips are naturally fiery.
  • The throat and throat are terrestrial.
  • Lungs, kidneys, and blood are naturally airy.
  • The gastric, digestive, excretory, and lymphatic systems are naturally watery.

Go for health astrology predictions to know more about it.

How does medical astrology provide precaution and prediction?

Malefics in 6 without any beneficial aspects cause persistent illness. A combination of some of the most terrible diseases that humanity has not sought immunity from follows.

  • Stomach ailments, appendicitis, etc., are caused by the movement of the Sun and Moon in Virgo.
  • The Sun and Moon, in conjunction with or in some aspect of Mars, cause sudden incidents.
  • Diseases of the intestines and intestines are caused by the Sun in the 6th aspect of Saturn.
  • Jupiter causes diarrhoea in the affected Virgo.
  • Mars in Libra, influenced by Venus and Saturn, causes Bright’s disease.
  • If Mars and Venus are ascending and there is an evil planet in the 6th house, the person suffers from chronic constipation.
  • When the Moon in Aries is affected by Saturn and Mars also affects the Moon, humans suffer from leprosy.
  • Mars and Venus are in the 7th house and are harassed by evildoers, the person suffers from inflammation of the testicles.
  • the Moon is in Cancer or Scorpio is in the Constellation or Navamsa and is heavily influenced by Malefica, the person suffers from anus disease.


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