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Capillus Laser Cap Review: Which Capillus Device Is The Best?

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In recent years, laser therapy has become popular as one of the top techniques to reduce hair loss, thin hair, and to stimulate new hair growth for both women and men. In the past it was impossible to undergo laser-based treatment to stimulate the growth of hair from home. At the moment three out of three patients suffering from receding hairlines is healing and restoring their hair in their homes using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

A high-tech gadget performs all of this by using low-level lasers that penetrate the skin layers to decrease hair loss. A good example of this type of gadget can be found in the Capillus. If you’re here to learn more about the Capillus laser hair growth devices, the way it functions, and how secure it is, read this review to address all of these questions.

Do you know how Capillus Hair Growth Device functions?

Similar to the hair-growth gadget, Capillus generates light using low-power lasers with a range of 600 and 1000 nanometers. Research has discovered that when light is absorbed by hair follicles, it increases the cell metabolism, and also improves blood circulation to the scalp, which allows hair follicles to get greater amounts of oxygen as well as nutrients. Because of the increased blood circulation as well as the improved follicle nutrition, hair gets healthier and grows faster and denser.


How Capillus boosts hair growth

To comprehend the way Capillus Device can help grow hair. You must first understand the process that naturally occurs when hair is shed and grows.

Hair goes through three major phases throughout its lifespan: anagen catagen and the telogen. Each hair is at an entirely different stage of its growth cycle at any point. Anagen is the only phase in which the hair actually grows and lasts for an average of 3-5 years while catagen is a brief period of transition that lasts around 10 days before it transitions to the stage of telogen. Then, once the hair is in the telogen phase hair follicles cease to function for approximately 3 months before the entire process is repeated. In time the length of the anagen phase is reduced, and hair can get thinner and weaker and eventually falls.

Low-level laser treatment employed by the Capillus cap is thought to boost the flow of blood to the scalp. Even increase metabolism in telogen or catagen hair follicles. In this manner more hair follicles can be moved into the anagen stage which stimulates growth.


About Capillus

In the year 2012 Capillus offered thousands of top-quality medical laser devices around the world with the goal of keeping its clients satisfied. To date, Capillus has been built in three variations:

  1. CapillusUltra with the 82 lasers
  2. CapillusPlus with 200 lasers
  3. CapillusPro has 272 lasers

What are the main differences in Capillus’ devices?

First, prices vary between $1000 to $3000. The price variation is due to the number of lasers available.

As you can see in the picture above In the above image, more lasers mean greater scalp coverage. This means that lasers will be able to reach greater hair follicles. It’s logical to say that more lasers be used to cover more of your scalp however, does it translate to better effects on hair growth? It isn’t. National Advertising Division (NAD) claimed that extra lasers didn’t cause more or more rapid growth of hair. “There was no evidence demonstrating that additional lasers are more effective in regrowing hair and impeding hair loss than laser devices with fewer lasers.” In other words, besides the greater coverage, there’s not any significant difference between Capillus’s devices.

What’s the reason for the difference in price? Well, it’s more about marketing, and not about performance.


Do work the Capillus laser cap function?

As we’ve previously mentioned Capillus makes use of LLLT as a treatment that is backed by research. Research has found LLLT as a viable treatment for androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata. This treatment can not just reduce hair loss, but also promote new hair growth, encourage more hair thickness, and improve scalp health.

Capillus LLC claimed that they’ve conducted an experimental study that involved 44 women to test the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy to treat hair loss. They claim that the Capillus LLLT machine has been utilized for daily sessions of 30 minutes at a time for the duration of 16 weeks. The study’s findings revealed an average of 89.9 higher hair counts for every participant. Additionally, no serious adverse results were found in any session.

The clinical trials and research section of their official website offers a different study of 17 weeks conducted with their CapillusPro device. However, the NAD has disapproved of the research above. The advertiser could not provide any clinical research on Capillus82 however, they referred to studies on different lasers, which proved that these devices are effective in regrowing hair. This includes Capillus ones. If it’s true or not it is true that the FDA certifications are legitimate and the potential of the therapy in treating hair loss is indisputable.


Clinically verified and approved by the FDA. FDA

Capillus is a holder of 510(k) clearances granted by the FDA to ensure the effectiveness and security of its treatment. You can find all FDA approvals given to the Capillus products at the official site.


Does the Capillus Cap work for me?

Capillus has received numerous awards in the last few years, helping thousands of patients suffering from hair loss. The main concerns of people interested in LLLT devices is the size of the cap as well as the quality of the materials.

Since the lasers must be placed at least 2 centimeters away from your scalp to provide optimal treatment, the cap should correctly be sized to fit your head. If not, you won’t be able to achieve the desired results. However, the material used in the device must be top-quality if are looking to prevent overheating or uncomfortable experiences. These aren’t issues when you select Capillus. The device was made to fit any head circumference that is up to 24 inches. It’s also exciting that you can request bigger dimensions by calling their customer service. Be assured that it’s lined by a medical-grade and hypoallergenic silicone liner aiding in avoiding sweat while ensuring comfortable treatment.


What is the security of Capillus for use at home?

To date, there’s been no evidence that the Capillus method nor this LLLT procedure has resulted in any serious damage or side consequences. The treatment is also available over-the-counter (OTC) certified, which means it’s safe enough to be used at home, with no intervention of a medical professional. Even so, if you’re scalp is extremely sensitive or has any type of scalp problem it is always recommended to consult with a doctor prior to making a decision about treatment.

Capillus guarantees all safety measures

The device for hair growth called Capillus utilizes low-level laser light that operates at a speed of 65 nm. At this point, the laser energy doesn’t harm skin cells nor the scalp. The rays are getting absorbed without causing discomfort or pain. Additionally, the heat emitted by lasers is not harmful to the scalp. If it does reach extreme levels, Capillus has been built with an automated device that can adjust the power level to decrease the temperature. Another possible risk comes from close contact with lasers. Use common sense and avoid looking at the lasers as they may cause harm to your eyes.


Which Capillus device is most effective?

In essence, they are basically the same. The difference between one and one is the amount of lasers that ensure the device’s coverage. More lasers means better coverage and greater power, which can in turn be linked to higher outcomes. No matter what version of the device it all provides top-quality treatment that is running under the best conditions. Therefore, is one superior to the others? Technically it is but not necessarily. Are you curious about which is right for you?

CapillusUltra Review

The entry-level version has 82 laser diodes that have the power of 410mW. It also provides medium scalp coverage. However, they promote it as having complete coverage. A smaller number of lasers, lower power, and a less expensive cost are the benefits that Capillus82 gives. A budget-friendly solution for those who have minor issues to restore the weak and lost hair on the small areas of their head. If you are looking for complete scalp coverage, then you will need to choose different models. With this product the first signs of improvement will be evident in the first two months following treatment. Here is the timeline offered by Capillus and Capillus, in which they provide the results users can expect each month.


CapillusPlus Review

Our Editor’s choice for the best, CapillusPlus, features 202 lasers that will completely cover the scalp and even reach the toughest areas to reach. In addition, the device can provide coverage two times more extensive than the previous model because of the higher intensity used. It is important to note that the distinctions between CapillusPlus or CapillusPro are virtually nonexistent as all the lasers provide advantages in just 5% of cases. HSNtv conducted a comprehensive review of the Capillus202 laser, highlighting the results and performances over a longer period of time; they also provide more details about how the device interacts with the body’s system in the course of time.


CapillusPro Review

While it’s not established that more lasers produce superior results, the CapillusPro is specifically designed to cover all areas of the scalp and get to the tiniest and most obscured regions. It’s got more lasers than CapillusUltra and offers professional coverage and ultra-intense regeneration treatment.

Capillus 82 vs 272: Which one is better?

Everyone has a debate over which is superior or more valuable. Doctors and specialists alike have differing opinions. Capillus272 is equipped with more lasers however, it is likely that the additional lasers will end up being a waste. However, Capillus82 might end up lacking some spots and will take more time than Capillus272 to produce similar results.

More than enough

Capillus82 is strong enough to penetrate deep into the skin layer, delivering optimal results, however, it might take longer. Capillus272 is 3 times more power and gives total scalp coverage, meaning it performs faster. Which is the better option is a matter of debate and dependent on your individual situation and expectations.


In the end, Capillus is not that different from other laser hair-growth devices. In the end, they all employ the same treatment. There are a few factors that will help you determine which one is best suited to your needs however, no single factor makes a system better than others.

However, the trustworthiness of the brand must be the top priority. Make a wise choice, and choose an item from a well-known and trusted brand. Otherwise, you may be left with a subpar or damaged device from a manufacturer which doesn’t have any support for the situation. These kinds of situations aren’t uncommon for LLLT devices.
Capillus appears to have customers that are very satisfied and their products are well-received.

It is possible that they are not the best choice. But despite their issues with NAD. However, we consider Capillus an excellent choice for those who want to test this treatment at home.

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