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Kundalika Camping do it yourself guide

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Kundalika river rafting camps are great locations not only for fun but also for escaping from city turmoil. You will be able to take a look at the cascading waters in the dam-controlled channel. The campsite under the star’s sky has been an amazing mix with the adrenaline pumping rafting.


You will establish eternal memories during your stay at the Kundalika Rafting Camps, as this is just one of their kind. You would not even regret a moment spent here, whether you’re here with your friends or with your family. The views of the camps are truly lovely around the Sahyadris.


Kolad is a thriving small village in Maharashtra district on the banks of the Kundalika River. This hamlet has lush greenery, and the Sahyadri mountain range with stunning valley sand ponds adds to the scenic beauty in its context. Kolad became famous after a few walkers and adventuring sport enthusiasts discovered it and considered it a perfect place to practice adventure. Nowadays Kolad has become a popular place for tourism because of its proximity to resorts, farmhouses, river rafting facilities, campsites, waterfalls, dams, forts, lakes and others.



The easiest way to get to Kolad is to rent a private taxi or travel in your own car to Kolad, Kundalika from Pune. The road to Kolad is just perfect and has picturesque views of the mountains, waterfalls, lakes and lovely greenery.The Kolad train station is below Konkan Railways, but between Pune and Kolad, there is no direct train.Many trains travel from Pune to Mumbai every day, so that any train that stops at station Lonavala or from Lonavala hires a taxi and arrives in Kolad is the cheapest and fastest way to get to Kolad from Pune.State transportation buses are easily accessible from Pune to Kolad and visitors can board busses to Raigad.




The ‘Kundalika River Rafting’ is the largest attraction in Kolad. The Kundalika River comes from Tamhini Ghat and runs through the village of Kolad and is a great location for amateurs to raft. The rafting is carried out between two dams about 12 kilometers apart. Rafting begins from the lower side of Bhira Dam into Doleshal Dam and as water levels are not changing, this river is incredibly healthy and is known as a center for water sports. Enjoy rafting on the 12 km stretch of river, packed with thrilling 3-grade rapids, which is a relaxing 2 hour experience.


The campsite is the idyllic spot for rafting and hiking. The campsite is located in a beautiful wooded clearing with remarkably decent facilities. This is a romantic evening experience you’d like to share for yourself or a group of friends. We are trying to build happier campers. A 4-5 hour rafting practice means campground mornings. Any stopping Goa will make good times in the early hours. On a short spot, in almost every direction from the campsite, the others can find enough stimuli. Evenings consist of pitches, campfires, grills and trekking, as well as sunsets, silhouettes and nature sounds.




You need to prepare for your camping stay at least three meals. You should prepare lunch, dine and an evening snack while providing a basic breakfast fare. A light, dry ingredient sandwich for lunch and cheese is a fantastic idea.  This can also be taken to a tea snack in the late afternoon. Do  carry snacks between meals when you seem to get hungry and the fruits will always be a refreshing snack idea.




A visit in the monsoon season is suitable when rafting is at its best because of the high water temperatures.Offer yourself to river rafting as this sport will help conquer your fears and become stronger and braver. Besides being thrilling and entertaining.


The Kundalika river also provides other adventures on the river, such as kayaking and a zip line on the river. Boating along the river is a calming experience as you observe the mild rhythm of Kolad’s village life and its surroundings, rich in vegetation and of great biodiversity.


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