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Five Creative Ideas to Enhance your Custom Pillow Boxes

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Every brand in the market needs a distinctive packaging that can change the appearance of its boxes. Various packaging companies are willing to supply you with unique packages that will grab viewers’ attention in one shot. One of the most renowned box designs available on the market is custom pillows boxes, and it is among the best ways to change the look of your products.

If you’re manufacturing any product, it is possible to use the Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale to alter the direction of your business. The pillow-shaped boxes are ideal for gift packaging, and however, you can use them for packaging your running products as well.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Here are a few of the innovative ideas you can implement to make amazing boxes:

The Floral Artwork Pillow boxes

The beautiful floral design draws females to the product. If you run a cosmetics company and wish to buy seasonal products, you should present the lipsticks inside the flower-themed pillow box packaging. It’s among the most attractive packaging to draw customers’ attention in an overwhelming amount.

Furthermore, you can incorporate the sparkling 3D flowers into the shape of the pillow box to create a kind of a magical look to the pillows boxes packaging. Also, the addition of a window in the package will be stunning and attract attention all at once. But, it’ll let people know the contents of the product.

Chocolate Luxurious Boxes

Chocolate is a delectable food item enjoyed by all over the globe. However, the aroma of chocolates always gives an opulent feel which viewers love. So, come up with some appealing royal packaging for your chocolates to demonstrate to your customers that you are an exceptional product line also. To design the most luxurious chocolate boxes, it is necessary to pick the right theme. To create the article, you can develop an idea board and incorporate all your ideas. Then, you can choose the most appealing concept.

For example, you could opt for the solid red colour for pillows. You can choose the solid red colour for your box and then wrap it with a ribbon that has white and black vertical stripes. At the top, attach it using a gold string and a bow of red. But the most crucial step is to include your chocolate’s name and your name. For this, make a circular tag and decorate its edges by using gold-gilded foil. Then, in the centre of the label, add the name of the chocolate and its logo for your company. Your luxurious chocolate box is now ready …!!

Packing for Pastel Color Pillows

The pastel colours are of great importance to soothe the senses. You can make some stunning boxes by mixing the pastel shades like soft and delicate shades, and they can give customers sophisticated sensations. Choose a reputable packaging company and request soft pastel boxes to your specifications.

Custom Pillow Boxes

For example, if you are planning to design pastel boxes, select to create your package’s backgrounds in pink or blue pastel shades and include a polka dot design on the boxes. Then, you can wrap the tubes in a pastel shade ribbon vertically. In the centre of the box, You can use an oval sticker of white colour to adhere. But, it would help if you considered adding the product’s name and the logo of your company. If you’d like to include 3D-like designs to decorate the box, it is possible to do it.

Kraft Wooden Shade Pillow boxes

The kraft-coloured colour in a lighter tone appears stunning. You can use this kind of Custom Printed Kraft Boxes to make something luxurious. How to do so? Choose the wood shade to be the solid colour of the pillow’s packaging boxes and connect it with the help of a string made of kraft. In the centre of the box, You can also include a tag with an old-fashioned style using lavender to have the logo and your company’s name. The artwork you choose to use will be unique and beautiful jewellery can be put in the box.

3D Pillow Boxes

There is a growing trend in 3D boxes the present. The public is enthralled by the distinctive packages and has a touch of innovation. You can make some amazing 3D boxes by incorporating 3D designs. Below are three options that you could utilize to create your custom pillows packaging:

Option 1: Pick the pastel blue colour for changing the whole backdrop of your pillow box and place a silver-coloured 3D butterfly in the centre of the box. Also, include the dark blue ribbon on the top and the packaging.

Option 2: Pick a black colour for changing the backdrop of your pillow box and stick an orange flower with leaves in a 3D shape to the centre of the box. In addition, apply silver polka dots to all sides of the box.

Option 3: Pick a dark blue colour to change the design of the cushion box and then add the black colour of dots. After that, you can place a white jasmine flower and the leaves in a 3D shape in the middle of the box.

The three options listed below are available, and you can pick anyone by the specifications of your custom pillow boxes items.

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