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A Mesmerizing Experience Bhandardara Camping

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Bhandardara is a village in the western Indian Ghats, near Igatpuri. Camping Bhandardara Lake is one of the most beautiful and popular campsites for nature lovers. Picnic spots. Located in the Western Ghats of India near Igatpuri, it is a tourist destination because of the beauties of its natural scenery and the many nearby attractions such as the various hills, waterfalls, Wilson Dam, and Arthur Lake.


Camping Bhandardara by the lake is a perfect way to take a rest on nature’s lap. With cozy tents and mattresses, this place has clean and hygienic toilets to make this spot even more stunning.




Arrive on your own in the Bhandardara campsite and check in at the camps reserved by 5 pm in the evenings. Explore the field for a session of stories and singing dances before relaxing around the fire. Take a tasty meal and fireflies after dinner on a visit to the forest prior to night. Wake up early in the morning to see the stunning sunrise and the fascinating view of the lake. Get your breakfast and spend time until check-out at the campsite and conclude the camping.


There would be no better way for you to spend your weekend if you are a nature lover than to camp on the river and the bay. Sleep on the shores of the lake and reap opportunities such as listening to the sounds of natural water and nature in the morning. Before your morning tea, look at the first sunrise. You should not always have to take amenities as far as you can.Enjoy the lovely sunrise bringing the boat into the center of the lake and enjoy the sunset from the camp. Have a closing inspection of nature, especially of sun and water, changing its color through different reflection angles of pink, purple, orange and blue. Bhandardara is an altitude of 2471 foot above sea level hill resort located near Mumbai in Sahyadri hill district.  Enjoy camping at Bhandardara with barbeque.


The campsite is your house away from home and will make you enjoy the lake under the starring night inside Maharashtra for a lifetime. Open your eyes after sleeping in the sky tent with the least amount of light pollution. Here are the promised cozy tents. Clean and hygienic bedding together with a well tended mattress — no compromise with stay in a tent. Have a wonderful, millions of stars you skipped to watch in your busy city life spends a weekend under the moon


Without barbecues, the campsite is incomplete. The right way to make sure that you have a night to recall and enjoy was planned by Jain vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian. Barbeque then dinner. Barbeque. Enjoy campfires to have the real meaning of outdoor and camping activities. Discover parties, play sports, bring a music dance until the tens of thousands of stars fall in the darkness. You could have a few shooting stars in the Milky Way, if you are smart enough. Enjoy hiking in the lapse of Mother Nature.


The place provides a raw camping trip experience in the lap of nature. If you spend more time here, you can reach a high degree of relaxation and return to the essentials of life. Humbling through lush trees, hills reflected in the river, calming sounds of the waterfall, starry nights, cozy bonfire and fresh winds can be enjoyed at this unique venue. In brief, the camping Bhandardara has a relaxed and quiet atmosphere in which to re-align senses with the environment.


The deepest night sky with almost no pollution. Be pleased to watch the milky path as well as the numerous naked-eyed planets and stars you can not see from the cityscape. And that’s just what lovers of astrophotography want. You can even take great images of the Milky Way and star paths if it’s one too.


One of the major attractions in Bhandardara is the camping fireflies. It gives you a camping trip, which you will never miss in the region of Purushwadi. Camping with the dazzling blazing flames under the dark skies at night is wonderful to engulf your mind and spirit and leave your face with a natural grin.


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