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Popular Treks To Do In Ladakh

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It is a very beautiful trek in Jammu Kashmir. It is a very famous trek in Jammu Kashmir. You can plan your trip from ladakh. It is also a union Territory. It is famous for breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear skies, The highest mountain passes, Thrilling adventure activities and festivals. You can plan your Ladakh trip between April and June. 


In the winter season the temperature of Ladakh is 10°c. It is a down temperature. Sku nad Thukpa is the famous dish of Ladakh. You can see the snowfall here. Snow blocked the road. In winter the snowfall is very high. You can go to Ladakh by bus,by train , by Jeep, by airplane, by car. This trek will make your journey memorable and stay happy. This is a wonderful trip for tourists. 


Treks In Ladakh

#1 Markha Valley Trek

It is a very beautiful river valley in ladakh district in Jammu Kashmir. It is a very famous and beautiful river valley in ladakh.

This river valley is the tribute of Zanskar river valley.  This river lies in the Hemis National park. It is a very difficult trek to do. The river sight is very difficult to climb. You make sure your lungs are very strong for this trek. 


This trek is famous for Tea House Trek. It is a hub of Tea House Trek. 

The other name called by their people is Tea House Trek.  In mid May is the time to visit this trek. After September the snow fall began and the whole valley was covered with snow. The weather will be fine in mid May and sunny days. You can capture lots of scenery here and make this trip so memorable. 


#2 Sham Valley Trek

Most people call it’s baby trek. It is a very beautiful valley. It is a very easy trek. Nature blessed Sham Valley Trek. This trek offers lots of things and adventure activities. It is a picturesque trek. If you plan an easy trek for your kids, this one is the best trek. This trek does not go high over 4000 feet. In this trek many small villages pass. You can spend a whole day and night here and also enjoy the cuisine prepared by families. It is a one day trek place. 


#3 Snow Leopard Trek

The snow leopard trek is a very beautiful and attractive trek. It is a home of rarest wild cats in the world. This trek is organized by Hemis National park in the months of  February and March. The Hemis National park is very beautiful. 


This park is a home of snow leopard and many other species of animals. The snow leopard trek is not so easy. This trek is perfect to visit in March. This is not a very difficult trek. You can stay here for eight days. 

You can also see Andaman and Nicobar island for some amazing tour.

#4 Chadar Trek

It is a very perfect destination for tourists. 

In Ladakh it is one of the famous treks. In Zanskar river trek cut off Chadar Trek is a lifeline to their people. It is very easy to see. There are not so many treks to see. Frozen valley fall is a trail of ice that turns into a mirror to the sky. This Chadar Valley Trek is fully covered with snow. It is a perfect destination for tourists. You can stay here for five days. This trek is perfect in January to February. This is so Difficult trek. 


#5 Lamayuru To Alchi trek

It is situated in western part of Ladakh. It is completely a five days trek. These five days trek  passes to tough treks first  Kongskilde la and Stalpi La. This trek is so tough. You can stay here in remote villages. We can see the dramatic mountain scenery here. You can spend the night here. If you want to see this place very closely, you can go to monasteries. You can explore this trek in Mid June to mid October. You can stay here for four days. 


#6 Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra Valley Trek is very famous in Ladakh. The highest trek on this trek is beaten pass  trek and lasermo la pass trek. Both the treks were covered with snow. In summer there is a karakoram range. You can explore this trek in five days. We can get a chance to ride a double day humped bactrian camel at hunder sand dunes. You can see this trek in mid July to the end of September. This trek is so Difficult to do.

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