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Leh Ladakh Trip On Bike Things To Keep On Mind

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Leh Ladakh

It is a very beautiful trek in Jammu Kashmir. It is a very famous trek in Jammu Kashmir. You can plan your trip from ladakh. It is also a union Territory. It is famous for breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear skies, The highest mountain passes, Thrilling adventure activities and festivals. You can plan your Ladakh trip between April and June. 


In the winter season the temperature of Ladakh is 10°c. It is a down temperature. Sku nad Thukpa is the famous dish of Ladakh. You can see the snowfall here. Snow blocked the road. In winter the snowfall is very high. You can go to Ladakh by bus,by train , by Jeep, by airplane, by car. This trek will make your journey memorable and stay happy. This is a wonderful trip for tourists.

 Best Trek In Leh Ladakh  To Travel when You Reach on This Trek


#1 Markha Valley Trek

It is a very beautiful river valley in ladakh district in Jammu Kashmir. It is a very famous and beautiful river valley in ladakh.

This river valley is the tribute of Zanskar river valley.  This river lies in the Hemis National park. It is a very difficult trek to do. The river sight is very difficult to climb. You make sure your lungs are very strong for this trek. This trek is famous for Tea House Trek. It is a hub of Tea House Trek. 

The other name called by their people is Tea House Trek.  In mid May is the time to visit this trek. After September the snow fall began and the whole valley was covered with snow. The weather will be fine in mid May and sunny days. You can capture lots of scenery here and make this trip so memorable. 


#2 Sham Valley Trek

Most people call it’s baby trek. It is a very beautiful valley. It is a very easy trek. Nature blessed Sham Valley Trek. This trek offers lots of things and adventure activities. It is a picturesque trek. If you plan an easy trek for your kids, this one is the best trek. This trek does not go high over 4000 feet. In this trek many small villages pass. You can spend a whole day and night here and also enjoy the cuisine prepared by families. It is a one day trek. 


Trip On Bike



when you plan a trip on bike so firstly you check the route. Which route is suitable for a bike trip? Then you plan a trip on bike. There are two different routes for the Leh Ladakh Trip. The first is from Manali and second is from Srinagar. Both the route are different sides Manali to leh takes 476 km on other side Srinagar to Leh takes 434 km. 


2:Best Time-

when you plan a leh ladakh trip from bike so the best time is mid May to October. This time the roads are clean and safe. The Srinagar road is open in mid May and the Manali road is open after May. You can plan the road trip in the season of autumn and summer in other seasons you will go with flights. 


3:Keep Yourself Safe –

When you go on a bike on this trip, you have to keep yourself hydrated. You must drink three to four liters of water. After that you don’t feel well so you must take care of yourself and take medicine on time. You must take care of yourself when you plan this trip on bike. 


4: Prepare Yourself For This Journey-

When you plan this trip you make sure you prepare yourself well for this trip. You don’t enhance yourself in yoga mode. When you reach this trek you have to take a toll. You have to wait till your body is sufficiently acclimated. You have to pay all the toll. 

You can also see Kodachadri trek in Bangalore if you love trekking ?

Things To Carry On This Trek when You Travel On Bike


You can carry outfits according to your stay. Raincoat can also be helpful in this trek.



You can pack some Toiletries items in your bag Like- Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper. 


Rain coat: 

You can pack the raincoat in your bag because it is a monsoon Trek. 



You can pack some caps with you. It is very helpful during Monsoon. 


Bag Pack: 

You can pack some necessary items in your backpacks. 



You can pack torchlight in your bag. It is helpful at night. 

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