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Digital Marketing Opportunities for Edmonton Non-Profit Organizations in 2022

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Associations, non-profit organizations and universities have always had their own particular challenges, but this could never be more true than it is today.

You’ve probably heard it previously, but it’s worthy of to say that 2020 has brought profound changes in the attitudes and expectations of donors, volunteers and other stakeholders. We know it’s a cliché you hear each when a new style or technology is introduced and we’re here to tell that this time it’s real.

Embracing Technology

“Innovation involves the capability to perceive the potential of change as an opportunity, not as a threat” This Steve Jobs quote has always been one of our top picks and is extremely relevant to all of us in 2021! Online ordering, curbside pickup and the use of contactless pickup have completely transformed the expectations of everyone as it relates to how we spend our time and money. Peer-to-peer fundraising and online fundraising, as well as digital events and virtual volunteering will continue to be around and will continue to be so long as the pandemic has passed.

You’re probably receiving news about a brand new platform or technology that allows online donations, automated communications, and so on frequently on a daily basis. Demonstrating, researching and comparing various platforms may be a daunting undertaking but it’s also an enormous chance.

Reframing challenges as opportunities

The changes we’ve witnessed in the past year have increased the use and accessibility of technologies. Our targeted audiences are using advanced technologies, companies are battling to create solutions for their organizations and everyone is open to innovative concepts.

The Perfect Storm in the Age of Innovation

In the past, were you been worried about how donors, volunteers and others would react to changes? In the last year, everyone has adapted to the latest technologies and processes. They’re hoping for solutions that simplify their lives and this isn’t going to change once the pandemic is gone.

Are you in search of an IT solution but it’s been difficult to find or costly before? The latest innovations offer the most options and flexibility. In our 22 years of experience, we’ve designed customized software solutions, integrated third-party software solutions and have helped businesses of all sizes and types make use of technology to their advantage. If you require integrations with e-commerce as well as automation of processes or more effective methods to convey your message There are solutions to be found.

People want to hear Positive Local News and they would like to hear about your organization.

We know that Canadians have a humble attitude. We don’t exclaim our achievements from the summits of mountains. Sometimes, it can feel as if no one would like to hear about our accomplishments However, this isn’t the case.

Non-profit organizations provide a lot of benefit to their communities and they do attract the attention of those who wish to know about it.

Are we obligated to let Our Non-Profit Organization be on Social Media? Should we be blogging? Or sending E-newsletters?

The ideal communication strategy will vary from organization to company. It’s all about the kind of audience you’d like to reach as well as the kinds of actions you wish them to do.

If you’re looking to raise awareness about your organization and to attract new volunteers and donors social media and online ads could be excellent options. If you’re looking to boost participation among a set of stakeholders, periodic blogs or e-newsletters could be the best option.

Spending time researching the most effective method is a wise use of your company’s time and resources. Speak to your partners, take a look at what other companies are doing and get in touch with experts to provide advice.

While the strategy for communication will be different for every company All non-profit organizations need to take note of the Google’s Ad Grant program.

Google Ad Grants for Non-Profit Organisations

Get access to a $10,000 USD each month Google Ads budget without having to pay for the advertisements. Does it sound too promising to be real? This isn’t the case. The next blog post we write will be more in-depth however, you can go here to learn more and we’ll be more than happy to address any questions you have.

Discounted Prices from Non-Profit Organizations

If you are looking into any service or products, you should always consider seeking out discounts. Digital Tea is proud to offer discounts on any service that is offered to non-profit groups.

We’ll also be giving the opportunity to win a free Google Ad Grant setup and management for six months. Keep reading for details!

Shameless Promotion – We’ll Keep it short

We have 14 years of experience working with Alberta non-profit organisations. What we can do to assist you with all aspects of your online presence, from web designing and developing, to e-commerce and every aspect of digital marketing, from Google Ad Grant management to SEO, social media management Content writing, and more. Our team of experts is located in the area and are able to offer you no-pressure, free consultation. Meet directly with specialists, not salespeople and discover options that can benefit your company today and in the near future. You’ll also automatically be entered into a draw to take home a prize of a free Google Ad Grant setup and management for six months. Keep reading for details!

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