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Best Himalayan Trek In India

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India is praised everywhere in all over the world. There are 29 states and 7 union Territories.  The beauty of India is praised everywhere. Forigen people come here to visit India. Many places are very famous in India. Most tourists visit Himalayan Treks. They love to see the beauty of the Himalayas. 


There are lots of treks which praise the beauty of the Himalayas. In ancient times our India was famous for the name of the golden bird. Many historical places are also seen in India Like- Akshardham Temple, Haridwar, Golden Temple,Lotus Temple, Iskcon Temple and many more. All the places are very attractive and famous. You can come here and explore the beauty of these places. You can capture lots of beautiful movements and make this trip so memorable. 


Famous Himalayan Treks In India


#1 Chopta Trek

You can complete this trek in 3 to 4 days. This trek is not so hard for trekking. You can easily trek this place. In short, in 3 to 4 hours you can climb easily. You can explore this place in March to May. Chopta is a very beautiful place for the winter season. It looks like mini Switzerland during the winter season. 


#2 Sandakphu Trek

This trek is an amazing experience for tourists. You can enjoy lots here. This is a perfect destination for strong culture tourists. The winter season on this trek is a very beautiful time to visit this trek. You can see the four mountains here Like- Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu and Mt Kanchenjunga. you can see all these Everest only Sandakphu trek.


#3 Har Ki Dun

It is a very famous trek in Uttarakhand. It is situated in Uttrakhand. In this trek you can enjoy lots. This place is very beautiful. The atmosphere of this trek is so pleasant. You can see the wildlife here. This place is a fully enjoyable trek. There are lots of adventure activities happening. 


#4 Lama Dugh Trek

Lamadugh trek is a very beautiful trek in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is located near Manali. There are lots of waterfalls to see. This trek starts from Dhungri about two km away from Manali. It is an ideal trek for Trekking. This trek takes 5h 21 minutes. March until December is the ideal month to visit this trek. 


This beautiful place offers you lots of adventure activities and also this place offers unique experiences and beautiful, cherished and attractive things.  Lamadugh trek is the best trekking place in Manali. The time duration of this activity is 9 hours. This beautiful place shows lush green forests and grassland and flowers. You can enjoy the stunning views of mountains and himalayan. You can climb here to reach your destination. The view of the mountains is so attractive and beautiful. 


#5 Ladakh

It is a very beautiful trek in Jammu Kashmir. It is a very famous trek in Jammu Kashmir. You can plan your trip from ladakh. It is also a union Territory. It is famous for breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear skies, The highest mountain passes, Thrilling adventure activities and festivals. You can plan your Ladakh trip between April and June. In the winter season the temperature of Ladakh is 10°c. It is a down temperature. Sku nad Thukpa is the famous dish of Ladakh. You can see the snowfall here. Snow blocked the road. In winter the snowfall is very high. You can go to Ladakh by bus,by train , by Jeep, by airplane, by car. This trek will make your journey memorable and stay happy. This is a wonderful trip for tourists. 

If you love trekking you can also see Kashmir great lakes trek as it is one of the most amazing trek.


#6 Markha Valley Trek

It is a very beautiful river valley in ladakh district in Jammu Kashmir. It is a very famous and beautiful river valley in ladakh.

This river valley is the tribute of Zanskar river valley.  This river lies in the Hemis National park. It is a very difficult trek to do. The river sight is very difficult to climb. You make sure your lungs are very strong for this trek. This trek is famous for Tea House Trek. It is a hub of Tea House Trek. 

The other name called by their people is Tea House Trek.  In mid May is the time to visit this trek. After September the snow fall began and the whole valley was covered with snow. The weather will be fine in mid May and sunny days. You can capture lots of scenery here and make this trip so memorable. 

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