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Printing Techniques to Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of Pre-Roll Packaging

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The use of printed pre roll joint packaging is an effective way to increase the appeal of your product. Many cannabis companies are experimenting with various designs and decoration techniques in order to distinguish their brands from their competitors. The melding of art and science is proving extremely helpful for these companies. On the one hand, they must address science-related issues such as childproofing their products while simultaneously creating artistic labels that stand out on retail shelves. Printing offers a number of options that can help cannabis brand owners accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Printing Techniques

There are several printing processes available depending upon where you are in the production process: designing your label, if you’re ordering custom pre-rolls, or if you’re running large quantities of pre-rolled packages. There’s also an assortment of printing techniques that you can use to ensure that your product looks as good as it tastes.

The first step is to decide on the type of packaging you want to use for your pre-rolls. The three leading options are heat seal pouches, tuck top boxes and tuck top clamshells. Beyond this decision, there are several other choices related to the printing process, including:

1) How to Design and Order Your Labels:

The first thing you need to know is that labeling your pre-rolls should not cost you a bundle. The second thing to consider is that the more information you print on the label, the higher the costs are likely to be.

To avoid sticker shock, first, understand that labels are not required for all pre-rolls. But many dispensaries choose to order labels because they look good and provide important product information, including:

  1. a) The name of the strain or blend
  2. b) Lot number
  3. c) Date manufactured/expires
  4. d) Cultivator’s logo/contact info, etc.…

If needed, personalized packaging can also be used as an effective marketing tool for your dispensary. Outside companies can provide you with a variety of pre-printed label choices and the service to apply them.

2) What Color Combinations Represents Your Brand?

The answer to this question will vary, depending on the dispensary. But look around your own dispensary and consider what color combinations stand out the most. Do people come in saying they are looking for a red, black or green label?

While the industry standard may include labels that are predominantly green with black text, some dispensaries have begun experimenting with different colors that pop while staying clearly professional.

3) How Will Your Consumers Consume This Product?

This brings us back to health and safety concerns regarding exposure to light and air when handling flowers/bud. Before pre-rolls can be packaged using almost any label process (including shrink sleeves), trichomes must be intact, so they don’t fall off during packaging or shipping due to exposure to light. Thus, the final key factor in choosing a label is whether or not consumers will consume this product before it reaches its expiration date.

If you are intent on including all the required labeling information (regardless of your customer’s likelihood of consuming before its expiration), then you may want to consider shrink sleeves or boxes with built-in trays for security during shipping and handling. If cost is still an issue, clear bags are usually available at wholesale prices regardless of order size but can limit your ability to include heavy images on labels.

4) How Expensive Are Your Supplies?

The main difference between printing directly onto pre-roll packaging and applying a sticker/label/shrink sleeve is that the latter requires additional supplies. The cost of your supplies is what sets the price for your product; therefore, it’s important to discuss these costs with your graphic designer before you go into production.

5) How Will You Stock Your Product?

One final consideration that you should address even before you enter into contract negotiations with a printer is where they store their inventory and how long it takes them to get new jobs out the door once they’re in production. If they don’t have an efficient workflow management system, then there will likely be extra fees associated with rush orders or job modifications.

6) What Printing Method Suits Your Packaging Strategy Best?

When it comes to the printing methods, you’ll need to decide between screen printing and digital. Screen printing will create a higher quality print with greater opacity for your product’s label graphic, but the minimum order quantity may be as high as 5,000 units – which could result in a significant cost increase. If that number doesn’t work for your business model, then digital prints may be a better option for kraft paper box packaging. While they provide a good balance of aesthetics and value, you should pay attention to resolution and file types before going into production.

7) Does Your Packaging Require Special Finishes or Coatings?

There are coatings from both Japan and Europe that can give your pre-roll boxes an attractive appearance while also protecting them from UV rays, water, and fingerprints. A new feature on the market is a matte lamination that not only helps to protect your packaging but can help it stand out from competitors’ boxes as well.

8) Are You Looking for Something Custom?

There are many different custom finishing techniques on the market today which vary in price depending on the complexity of the design. Some examples include foiling, embossing or debossing, engraving, letterpress printing, die-cutting and digital prints with spot colors. If you have an idea for some sort of unique finish, then just ask one of our manufacturers – they’re probably more than willing to work with you to achieve exactly what you want!

If none of these options seem like they’ll meet your needs, then it may be time to think outside the box (pun intended). Don’t let yourself be limited by what’s currently available on the market – you’re a creative individual with unique packaging ideas. So give our manufacturers a call, or send them an email and see what they can come up with!

Final Words

You’ve probably noticed that there are dozens if not hundreds of different manufacturers out there who can provide pre-roll packaging options. But how do you find one which will deliver exactly what you need? The first step is obviously to do some research online. Check out their catalogs or websites and see if any of their products fit the bill. If so, great! Then just give them a quick ring, and a sales rep will be happy to send you samples.


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