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How to safeguard your valuable and expensive possessions?

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The amount of personal expensive possessions we have today is growing by the day. It means that there are various items and high-value possessions we have in our apartments for sale in Dubai. These possessions need to be safe. You’ll have to take action to protect them from robbery and keep them in a good situation.

In this article, we will deliberate some of the schemes to defend your treasures and stop them from being stolen.

Take pictures and a record of your valuables

In the unfortunate case of a natural tragedy or theft, you should create an itemized list of your treasures and take pictures of them to store. This way, when it comes time to the case for insurance, you’ll be able to deliver data about what was lost.

If your valuables are in your business’s basements, you should move them to advanced places to stop possible water damage. You must apply for insurance when you are buying villas and penthouses for sale in Dubai.

Rent a self-storage facility

Self-storage has become progressively famous in recent years, and numerous people have started to buy spare storage space for stuff they don’t frequently use but don’t wish to get rid of.

The use of self-storage is an excessive way to stop crimes and theft when storing items that you strongly care about. If you have old meetings or interesting and valued items that do not fit in your home, then renting a self-storage unit is a feasible choice for averting these possessions from being lost or taken when not under your attentive eye. Dubai is a secure city with multiple villas and apartments for sale in Dubai, with a luxurious lifestyle and excellent facilities for the residents.

Buy home contents insurance

There are numerous factors to reflect on if you are looking for a home contents insurance policy. Dependent on the worth of your belongings and the type of insurance you select, your home contents insurance might contain cover for your electrical appliances, furniture, clothes, and jewelry, as well as damage affected by a fire or flood.

Always confirm that your home contents insurance policy protects against “Loss or damage to money, banknotes and treasured papers.” If it doesn’t, then you should be capable to improve this to your policy for a small additional amount.

Organize your valuables for long-term storage

If you have items like jewelry, possessions, and inheritances that are essential to you, the first key thing is to confirm they are in a good situation.

Things get injured over time without appropriate care, and moisture is often the main factor in the decline of valuables like jewelry. It is very significant to have all your valuables skillfully cleaned as part of the pre-storage procedure.

This should be done irrespective of the period of the storage period. You may be storing your items for just a few months or even a pair of years. However, once you pack them up, they will be located in a measured environment and kept indeterminately.

Make sure your home is well-protected

Safeguarding your home is significant, whether you are going away on holiday for a week or just a few days. There are numeral things to keep in mind to do to keep criminals and impostors out of your home.

Every home wants a safety system and alarm, even when there is hardly anything inside. A good safety system not only keeps thieves at bay but also alarms you when there is an impostor. You should also connect different quality locks on your windows and gates. Security of your apartments for sale in Dubai is significant to protect your valuable possessions. 

Don’t forget to protect your identity information

Recognizing information is also tremendously appreciated when it comes to storage resolutions outside the home. You should guard this information just as you would any other valuable at your home.


If you have expensive villas or penthouses for sale in Dubai, it’s important to make sure that they are protected. Whether you have a gallery piece of an expensive watch, beautiful diamond jewelry, old books, or cherished art pieces in your gathering, you’ll desire to make sure that they remain safe.

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