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Top 5 trekking in kasol

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Kasol is among the most beautiful hill stations in Kullu District. On the approach towards the pilgrimage town of Manikaran, this is approximately 26 kilometres from Kullu. It’s a marvel to see develop, baffling life’s urges and the sensibility that keeps you alive. Kasol is a prominent tourist resort in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by Parvati Valley. It’s recognised for its exhilarating excursions, delectable cuisine, raging river, and genuine humanity. There are countless features to do in Kasol, from experiencing the excitement of trekking to creating lifelong memories – all of which combine to make this a happy place. 

Top 5  trekkings in kasol:

Tosh trekking:

Tosh is a peaceful town in the Parvati Valley, where nature thrives to its full potential. This same Kasol to Tosh walk begins 22 kilometres from Kasol, at Barshaini, a lovely hamlet in the middle of Kasol and Tosh that is also a trekker’s favourite. Tosh’s magnificent surroundings are wonderfully situated in the valley’s lap, with streams and green meadows all around. Tosh hike should be a must if you want to enjoy the incredible experience of hiking in Kasol.

Tosh, despite its sparse population, is teeming with visitors from all over the world. You can count on nice cuisine and a comfortable stay here.

Trek length: 7.5 km

Ideal For: Beginners Hiking Time: 4-5 hours

How to Get There: From Kasol, catch the bus to Barshaini. Hike together all the way from Barshaini to Pulga and then on to Tosh.

Optional Places to Stay In Tosh, there are guest homes strewn over the area.


Malana is among Himachal Pradesh’s most interesting villages. Since there’s no highway road to Malana, one must climb a short distance, and the ascent is difficult.

The crowd’s favourite hideaway has emerged as Kasol.  It is located in the Lap Of nature, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most popular tourist states. With panoramic vistas, Kasol is without a doubt one of the most wonderful spots to explore in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol offers a wide range of activities, including camping, major river, and trekking. Not only that, but Kasol is also a good spot to visit.


Chalal is a tranquil place that is generally favoured by nature enthusiasts and is connected to Kasol by a thin cable bridge. This tiny community is situated in the highlands of Kasol, at 7800 feet above the water, making for one of the prettiest hikes around Kasol.

This area is famed for its finest hashish production and is surrounded by towering pines and hip cafés. You’re going to adore this site, potheads!

Trek length: 2.5 km

Time to Trek: 30-45 minutes

Beginners will benefit from this.

The route and how to get there: A cable bridge may be used to get there on foot.

In Chalal, there are a few suggested places to stay: Antara Bhava Guest House (INR 500 per day).


Rasol, another lovely town in the middle of Parvati Valley, is reached after a 3-hour climb from Kasol. Chalal, which acts as a foundation for Rasol, is 30 minutes from Kasol. As you stroll down the pine-fringed trail, take in the scenery and make this a memorable excursion.

The path, as high as it does in nature, falls under the category of difficult Himalayan hikes. The Sanctuary of Jamdagni Rishi should be a must-see in Rashol.

The trek is 8 kilometres long.

Trekking Time: Approximately 4.5 hours

Beginners will benefit from this.

Rasol is an uphill hike from Chalal that may be accessed on foot following passing the suspension bridge from Kasol.

Optional Places to Stay In Rasol, there are several guest houses ranging in price between INR 250 to INR 500.

Kutla glacier:

Kutla Glacier, which is surrounded by lush flora, is an easy 8-kilometer trek north of Tosh. The Kutla Glacier, which is not a wonderful sight for a glacier, is reached after passing through the settlement area as well as some forest-like stretches. All of the exhaustion is washed away by the view along the way and from the glacier.

There’s not much to do and see, so travel with pals and have a good time on your journey. On the road, there are a few stores where you may get coffee, Maggi, and chips.


Kasol is well-known for many things, but the nicest part about it is that you may relax while still having an experience. You may relax by the river or go on a hike to find a previously unknown waterfall. Kasol is great for nature enthusiasts and those looking for calm.

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