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Is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend a Model?

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The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has been linked to a model named Giuliana Ava on social media. The model has been a follower of DK Metcalf on Instagram for some time.Is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend a Model While she is not an official girlfriend of the NFL player, she is definitely linked to him. Whether or not she is a real girlfriend is anyone’s guess. The model follows DK on Instagram, and there is no way to confirm if she is his girlfriend.

There are several rumors about who DK Metcalf is dating right now. Cirena Wilson, who is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, was arrested in May 2016 and released shortly thereafter. Other people have compared her to various soccer players and rapper Young Thug. She also has been linked to a number of other NFL players, including the legendary Julius Caesar. But the question remains, is she dating someone else?

There are several rumors that have surfaced about Metcalf’s girlfriend, but no confirmed relationship has emerged yet. In fact, the player has remained single, avoiding public attention. There have been no reports about his personal life or even about who he is dating. His girlfriend, Cirena Wilson, hails from Macon, North Carolina and is a high school graduate. She has a dog named Lily, and is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan.

DK Metcalf’s relationship history is a mix of rumored relationships and public speculation. In the past, the athlete had an on-off relationship with Giuliana Ava, an online coach and influencer. However, this relationship ended after just a few months. She also had a brief relationship with Cirena Wilson, who is a model. Their relationships did not last long.

Besides the rumored girlfriend, DK Metcalf’s relationship with Cirena Wilson has also been a mystery. She is a North Carolina native and a model, though there are no details about her relationship with the football player. Despite rumors of her love life, she has never spoken publicly about her relationship with DK. The two are also not known to have a child together.Is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend a Model

If DK Metcalf is dating a woman, she is likely single and has no boyfriend. She does not date in public, but she might be seeing someone privately. The football player is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, so it is unlikely that she is dating someone else. There are several rumors surrounding Cirena Wilson’s relationship with DK Metcalf, but she has not publicly confirmed them.

The young football star’s dating history is quite complicated, with rumors of a possible girlfriend in the background. Despite this, Metcalf has not revealed any details about his relationship. His parents are both Afro-American and her father is a former NFL offensive lineman. It is unknown if Metcalf is dating a woman. He has not publicly revealed any details about their relationship, but it is hard to tell for sure.

It is unclear how long the couple has been dating, but it is clear that DK has dated other women in the past. He is also currently dating a model named Cirena Wilson. Although this relationship hasn’t been public, she has been linked to other men before. If she is dating someone from the same industry, she will likely be a good match. While Cirena has flaws, DK has not confirmed her relationship with her.

DK Metcalf has been dating a model named Cirena Wilson since October 2017. The two are now living in Los Angeles, but their relationship has not been confirmed. The model has not posted any pictures of DK with his girlfriend, so he may be dating someone else. He has also been linked to Giuliana Ava, an online influencer and a fitness coach. Neither of these women has made any official statements about their relationship.Is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend a Model

While DK Metcalf and his girlfriend are not publicly known, they have been involved since the late 2000s. The actress is also a model, so it is likely that her relationship with DK Metcalf is just a rumor at this point. She has yet to confirm her relationship with DK, but she is reportedly dating a man who has been a model for years. There have been rumors about the actress and her daughter’s dating history, but they are not confirmed yet.


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