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Bhrigu Lake Trek – Best Weekend Trek in Himachal Prade

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Bhrigu Lake is the large height snow capped Lake near Manali Town at a distance of 14,000 feets. It is one of the most charming lakes called by saint Maharishi Bhrigu according to one of the seven sages of Hindu mythology. The route goes by the long cone and evergreen plant forest to the colorful green grasslands of Rola Kholi camp. Bhrigu Lake gives the amazing views of mountains like Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba and Dhauladhar distance. It will take 3 days to complete the journey which is easy to trek for all the travelers and suitable for the weekends. It is the perfect one for the beginners who are trekking for the first time. Bhrigu Lake is so beautiful, lying on the highest point of the Himalayas.

Out of the many easy treks which can be done in the amazing state of Himachal Pradesh, The journey to Bhrigu Lake is the most attractive one. The attractive lake has its own impressive beauty as it diversifies the color of the lake in every season as in the last minute of the summer season, it turns it color to the rich green and in the months of summer it changes to the beautiful blue color which is the glamorous vision of the lake make the eyes look at the lake continuously without moving from there.

The Majestic Himalayas

Nature is glorified with the plenty of beautiful sceneries Himalayas is the best one amongst all the wonders of the world. The Bhrigu lake journey is another thrilling route among the stunning beauties of the excellent mountains. If the people are planning for the special weekends then this is the right place of choice with exciting and amazing views.

The Fascinating Pathway

Travelers will get to see the culture and customs of the residents of Himalayan people as the route of the Journey goes into the silent small villages which are present at a distance of the mountains. Heavy greenery of awesome forests, the sweet smell of apple fruit gardens and the cold atmosphere of the mountains will refresh the energy level of the tourists before they reach the picturesque lake.

 On the starting day of the Journey, a forest route from Gulaba village to Rola Kholi which takes to the amazing view of the mountainous area also includes the area of green meadows and traveling through the Small River and also glorious vision of Kullu valley also visible from here. The starting point of the Trek is from Manali, it is blessed with so many ancient temples .The next day after arriving at Rola Kholi, while travelling on the snowfall routes the feeling will be awesome. After reaching the place of Bhrigu Lake, the views of the stunning beauty of the lake feel like achieving the target.

The Beautiful Views of the Bhrigu Lake

In between having a smooth area of grass in summers and changing to a chilled one with its snowfall atmosphere in winter, Bhrigu Lake makes it catchy. The Lake lies comfortably in between the two mountain hills and is connected with the old mythology. This lake is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the Rohtang Pass. After traveling to this place, the vision which admires the traveling people was simply amazing. Admires with silent views of nature, making the people to feel cherished with the fresh mountain air and large fragrance of burning. Travelers will get the chance to stay in between the beautiful grasslands with floating small river sides.

Best time to visit the Bhrigu Lake

Best time to trek this Bhrigu Lake starts from the middle of the May to October, it is better to travel this place in the months before June or after the Months of July to August, these are monsoon seasons the possibility of snow slides are normally high.

Things to be known before while going to this trek

Weather conditions on the high distances change at the place of grasslands. Better to consult the doctor before planning to go to the highest places because health should cooperate all the times of traveling. Try to concentrate on the traveling pathways and advisers to have a safe and happy journey. Carry water bottles because water is so precious. Do not try to travel at night times until and unless it is part of instructions from the guiding people. Don’t use earphones and plastic bags when traveling. Carry warm clothes, caps, back pack, extra pair of socks, trekking shoes, thermal inners, woolen cap, mittens and scarf.

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