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Best Time To Visit Triund Trek

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Whenever anyone says about a trek first thing that comes to mind is our Himachal Pradesh, there are a lot of treks option in Himachal Pradesh and one of them is Triund trek .  Triund trek is situated in Dhauladhar ranges mesmerising views of mountain will make you fall in love with the mountain and this trek is one of the best trek as well as best trek for beginner also it is really easy type of trek if you are planning a trek you should give a try to this trek no worry you are beginner or professional this trek will make you feel good.

Triund trek Best Time​​ To Visit

You can go to this trek in any month of year except the peak winter season like from mid january to end of the january as triund top face heavy Snowfall during this month which make This trek impossible during this time of the year. If you want to know the best time of the year to trek is March to May during these months weather is quite adaptable and views are very clear as there is no fog you will get to say different mountain ranges from the top. If you are a experienced treker want some challenges visit this trek during winter time this trek will give you a good challangable experience.

Things To Carry With You For Triund Trek

When you think about a trek first thing that comes to your mind is what are the essential things which you should carry with you to the top of the trek:

Carry a medical kit

Pack your bag with winter wear cloths 

Snacks, juices, breakfast water bottles and make sure you won’t through anything on the top and not in the trek route 

Their is a big chance you will get alot of insect different type you should carry insect repellent with you.

Carry flash light and power banks for your electronics.

Extra pair of trakkinf shoes and cloths. 

Nake sure you have packed all the necessary item which you will need during the trek as there is no facilities you have to survive on your own.

Important Things To Know Before Triund Trek

You have to find a guest house to stay at night because night camping is not allowed here.

 During the trek, there is a checkpoint near Galu Devi temple 

And there are two cafes where you can rest and take refreshments.

It is a moderate level trek.

If you are a new trekker make sure to get a guide for you it is necessary.

Trek took almost 5 to 6 hours to complete and it is 9 km long trek.

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