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How To Learn Doubles Strategy Tennis

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Tennis doubles is a different and complex sport than singles. The court is more spacious There are more players playing on the court, and you generally spend more time on the net and the points tend to be shorter.

Doubles is a game that requires a lot of mental strength and, you are reliant on your partners for the victory of your group. They can be extremely physically demanding, so you don’t have enough time to speak to your partner as you’re running around the court.

When you are deciding on the tennis doubles strategy that you and your players can use, there’s many things to take into consideration. Doubles tennis isn’t simply tennis with two players on opposite sides of the court but an entirely different thing from singles tennis. It is a team sport with a dynamic doubles game that requires strategies, synergy, as well as teamwork.

There are some very important strategies for playing doubles, that are mentioned below. Practicing them over multiple times can help you get your desired result. 

Getting the First Serve In Straightaway

It is vital to grasp the importance of first serves when playing the game of doubles. Here are some crucial tips to remember when making use of the first serve technique. 

  • The first serve percentage needs been found to be significantly greater in pairs than for singles. Ideally the percentage should be between 70 and 75 percent in doubles. And in singles, you should be able to be able to get away with 50 percent of the first serve. 
  • Be aware that their weak shot is their second serve for the majority of club players.
  • You can increase your first serve rate by taking a bit of time off the ball and adding more spin.
  • In doubles, position is the best way to play. So, in order to get a serve in the right place make use of the ball with more power and spin. It will increase your chances of hitting your first serve.
  • You can serve poach, volley or attempt to attack with an unforced return.

Try to hit the feet of your opponent. 

If a net person receives a volley and is unable to return it, the best choice is to target the feet of the net player who is in opposition when they return the shot. Low volleys are harder for players to strike than high-level volleys. The closer you are towards your net the less and more difficult you will be able to aim. In the end you will make it difficult for the net player in front to take the defensive shot high in the air, that you can hopefully block.

Move Side to Side at the Net

Always use this technique at the net when playing doubles. The tendency to move laterally towards the net particularly in situations where your opponent may be about hit a groundstroke, can create pressure on the player. Players of Tennis Academy Singapore are instructed to avoid hitting an opponent when playing doubles. Therefore, they are likely to alter directions of the shot or attempt a harder shot. This can result in numerous unforced mistakes and cause frustration to the opposing team. If you’re faking you might also be able to score an easy shot to take the point.

Hit Groundstrokes Deep in the Court

Next while playing doubles, if you’re hitting or returning groundstrokes, consider driving the ball deeper in the court, pushing opponents back. This will enable you to advance for your subsequent attack. Typically the opponent is unable to hit a shot due to the fact that they’ve been forced onto their backs behind the line. This gives you the opportunity to strike from the net. But the preferable way to attack is by using your forehand and aiming towards the deep corner into the doubles alley.

Attack The Net

This is about making it difficult for your opponent by making him wait longer to adjust and play. Both players have to be able to move towards the net and both must play the volley. Be careful as this puts you at risk of the possibility of lobs.

If you are able to do this effectively, you’ll make your opponent’s mistakes easier by allowing them to hit difficult shots. It is important to score winning points by using angles you have just created to yourself.

This method was the basis of the Bryan Brothers. It was also the bread and the butter, of Bryan Brothers, who reigned in the doubles arena for more than 10 years, winning two grand slam titles as well as the Summer Olympic gold medal at London’s 2012 Olympics.

Take on mid-court

While smooth down-the-line shots and broad crosscourt shots are great in doubles, don’t undervalue the power of a long middle shot. A ball that is hit down the middle is a fantastic technique to confuse opponents and cause both doubles players to race towards the center. In this case then you and your doubles partner can get close to the net for the following shot by hitting small sharp angles that are far from each other, decreasing the possibility that the other team will be able to strike sharp angles at you.

Lob Them

Much of the stuff you do during doubles is geared towards creating a hostile environment for your opponents. The tennis doubles technique is a perfect example of throwing your opponent off balance. This can create through your side, and oblige them to shift directions or positions, as well as perform a challenging overhead or make a vulnerable defensive attack.

Make sure to lob the shoulder of the non-dominant side on the player who is net. This is a great method to ensure that they won’t be able to respond by hitting hard should your lob be not executed correctly.

Play with Their Weaknesses

The majority of players have weaker groundstroke. For most players they’re using the hand that is weaker. Making sure your shots are away from the forehands of other players is helpful, particularly when they’re returning your shot. If all gamers are right handed, aim for to the “T” (where the center service line and horizontal line of service cross perpendicularly). If the returner is left-handed serve towards their backhand.

Where to Get the Lessons?

Tennis is a widely played sport. There are many courts and institutes particularly teaching effective tennis lessons. 

You can look around you to find teh best suitable court for you. But before reaching out to them, test them first. For the testing process:

  • You can get reviews from others
  • You can visit them on your own.
  • Don’t forget to look into their rates.
  • Visit their websites

Along with this, you can surf the browser to find the best location for you.

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