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Why Mains Answer Writing Practice is Important?

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As ii is believed that UPSC exams are one of the toughest exams in India.

UPSC CSE Examination is being conducted in three different phases to select suitable candidates. The first phase of this examination is known as Prelims; the second phase is known as Mains, and the final phase is Personality test or interview.

Preliminary Examination is objective in nature while mains examination is descriptive in nature and include nine papers.

Even after clearing prelims lakhs of aspirants fails in the Mains examination even though they have a good grip on the subject.

The primary reason for the failure is not practicing writing enough. Here we will know why it is mandatory to practice writing and the tips and tricks that may help the students.

Having immense of knowledge and delivering that knowledge to the evaluator is two separate things.

You may have so much knowledge but still you may not be able to express yourself through pen and paper.

Moreover, you have to put your all knowledge in twenty questions and in three hours only. So, practicing answer writing give you an idea how to tackle the pressure.

How to practice mains answer writing?

There are 3 methods to practice answer writing.

  1. Previous Years Question Papers:

  • After acquainted with the syllabus and studying accordingly, one can take previous year questions and start solving.
  • Try to read the question carefully and address its demand very carefully.
  • When you wrote the answer try to evaluate it by yourself or make it evaluated in peer group.
  1. Online Platforms:

  • Digital era has made this journey much easier. There are various platforms like Insight on India, Forum IAS, EDEN IAS, IAS Baba provides daily answer writing initiatives.
  • Questions of these platforms are very good in nature, try to pick at least 3-4 questions daily and solve it.
  • Submit it for peer review and also evaluate by yourself too, that are you meeting the demand?
  • However, the problem here is evaluation.

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  1. Coaching Institute:

  • This mode of practicing of answer writing is best way of practicing answer writing.
  • Join any good coaching institute’s answer writing programme.
  • EDEN IAS answer writing programme is good in the market. Best thing about EDEN IAS answer writing programme is, here you get two kind of answer writing programme.
  • One for beginners i.e., SUGAM Answer Writing
  • Other advance level i.e.; STEPS Answer Writing.
  • In both the programmes your copies get evaluated some earliest defined hours, one gets model answers, value addition tips and most important one to one mentoring.

Suggestions, how an answer should look like?

  1. Always follow the traditional and standard format of writing i.e.; Introduction, Body and Conclusion.
  2. Introduction should not be longer; it needs to be winded up in 3-4 lines.
  • You can start your introduction by writing related definition, or giving data/facts etc. from any report or by giving any committee recommendations or by giving references to current happenings. But the condition is, it should be contextual.



Question: The Citizens’ Charter is an ideal instrument of organizational transparency and accountability, but it has its own limitations.

Identify the limitations and suggest measures for greater effectiveness of the Citizens’ Charter.

  • Here the introduction should be, definition of citizen charter.
  1. Coming to the body part, it is the part of the answer where you address the main demand of the questions. You can see in the above question, questions is asking about limitation and suggested measures.
  • In body you have to first write about how it is instrument of organizational transparency.
  • Second part of the body should be limitations and third part of the should contain suggested measures.


  1. Conclusion should be always futuristic and optimistic.
  • In this questions’ answer conclusion, you could write, how citizen charter might lead to citizen empowerment.

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  1. Try to use diagrams, flow charts etc.; by doing this you will add value in your answer and make it more effective. Diagram should be self-explanatory in your answer.

Hope, this will help the concerned one!!!!

Good Luck!!!


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