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Sunburst 5e – Learn How to Cast the Sunburst 5e Spell

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The sunburst 5e spell is an instantaneous flash of brilliant sunlight around a chosen point, which is 60 feet wide. Any creature in its range takes 2d6 radiant damage and is blinded for one minute. If the caster makes a successful saving throw, the damage and blindness is reduced to half and the spell is cancelled. Species with a Constitution bonus to their Attack Dice take half damage and are not affected.

The spell’s effect is dispelling the darkness around it. This spell only affects creatures that are not undead or oozes. It is effective against these creatures, and they suffer a -6 penalty on their Constitution saving throws. The creature takes 6d6 points of damage. Additionally, if the creature is exposed to unnatural or hazardous daylight, it takes double damage. The cast of this spell requires an object made of sunstone.

The sunburst spell’s target is any creature that is not blinded or impaired by darkness. It can only be cast by wizards and druids. Clerics can also use this spell. The cast costs 10 gp. However, if you want to be able to use it in more complex ways, you can learn it from a book or a tutorial. If you already know how to cast this spell, you can learn it with ease.

Sunburst is a powerful spell that can dispel the darkness created by the target. It has a wide range of uses. It can be cast on undead and oozes, but their saving throws are weaker than a cleric’s. Unlike a cleric’s spell, this spell is a useful one for a wizard. A druid can use it to cast a recurrence of a magic item.

The spell works to dispel darkness. This spell requires a piece of sunstone or a naked flame. The sun’s power dispels darkness of a lower level. The spell is also effective against dark spells. It dispels shadows that cause fear. It can be cast on undeads and oozes. This is a useful skill for any druid. So, make sure you learn how to cast Sunburst in your druid’s homebrew campaign.

This spell dispels the darkness created by Sunburst. Its duration is ten minutes. It can dispel dark magic of the lower levels. Its effect lasts for one round. The duration of the spell is a total of twenty minutes. Its cast time is equal to its duration. So, if the target is a druid, you can cast this spell on them. The target of this spell is a cleric.

This spell dispels the darkness created by the spell. It is an effective spell to cast against creatures that cannot see. This spell is usually cast on a druid or wizard. If you have a sunstone, you can also use it to make a penumbra spell. You need to have a piece of sunstone to use this spell. Then, just focus on the target, and it will dispel the darkness.

The Sunburst 5e spell is a spell that dispels darkness. This spell requires a sunstone and a naked flame. When the sunburst 5e spell is cast, the target area is lightened and the darkness is dispelled. This is a great way to cast the spell. It also has numerous other uses. Its primary use is dispels shadows. If you don’t want your target to see the light, you can simply use a penumbra to keep the area dark.

Sunburst 5e is a powerful spell that dispels darkness in an area. This spell works with any creature that can be affected by darkness. It dispels the darkness of the area in question. This spell can also be cast by a wizard or druid. A cleric can cast sunburst as a prayer. And a druid can use it to cast a magical enchantment.

DAYLIGHT 5E creates a sphere of light 60 feet in diameter. This spell can be used to cancel the effects of Darkness spells. This spell can be used to cast an effect that would normally cause instant death. A sunburst can only be cast on a single target. Those who are affected by the spell are at a disadvantage during the rest of their lives, or the target of the spell.

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