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Thunderous Smite in 5e

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Thunderous Smite is a spell that can deal extra thunder damage when hitting a target. The spell makes a large noise and causes the target to make a DC 15 Str saving throw. It also makes a sound when the target is prone, so if your enemy is sneaking and you want to alert them, you can use this ability to alert them to the threat. If you have an attack speed of at least 60, you should try this spell.

It deals extra damage by thunder compared to the normal smite spell, but it’s worth noting that this spell is limited to melee weapons. The effect only lasts one round, and it only works on the first strike. If you cast it before attacking, it won’t work. It’s also not very reliable, since it burns through your spell slots quickly, so be careful when using it.

As a bonus action, you can cast Thunderous Smite before you attack, or after you’ve finished your attack. The bonus damage is huge, but it does consume spell slots quickly. Remember to cast it before you attack. Otherwise, it won’t do anything. If you’re casting Thunderous Smite before you attack, the spell won’t do much. This spell only works before you’ve already attacked, so be careful when casting it.

Thunderous Smite can be cast before you attack. This spell can deal massive damage in a single turn, but it burns through spell slots fast. If you don’t cast this spell before you attack, your attack will miss. The downside to this is that it requires casting before you can attack, which is not a good thing for your spell slot. The good news is that it’s a powerful smite spell with a lot of uses.

The Thunderous smite spell is a powerful smite spell. The spell can be used to attack multiple targets, or it can be used to attack a single target. It costs a maximum of 2d6 points, and it costs two spell slots. The level range of the spell varies, as well. However, it is effective against all types of monsters. The range of this smite is the same as for other smite spells.

The Thunderous Smite spell can be used on creatures of all types. It deals 2d6 thunder damage. It requires a creature to succeed on a Strength save or be knocked prone. When a creature is hit with a smite spell, it takes the damage of the smite for a full round. Its duration is three rounds. The second is a level of smite.

Thunderous smite 5e is an excellent smite spell. It has a range of 10 feet and V components. It deals 3d8 radiant damage, and requires a successful Strength save to counter it. The damage dealt by this smite spell increases by 1d6 for each level of caster’s first-level. And it is a powerful smite for any class.

If you are a Paladin, you should know that Thunderous smite is a powerful smite spell. It can deal 3d8 radiant damage to a target. It has an effect that can be triggered by sound waves. It can also be used by sorcerers and druids. The smite spell can be cast by a paladin.

This smite spell deals 3d6 radiant damage and requires a Strength saving throw to stop it. It can only be used on melee weapons, and it only deals 2d6 radiant damage. It’s an excellent spell, but it does consume a lot of spell slots. It must be cast before the target is attacked. But it must be used before the attack. If you want to use this smite spell, make sure to cast it before you attack.

The thunderous smite 5E spell is a powerful spell. The spell deals 2d6 thunder damage to a target within 300 feet. The damage is dealt by sound, but it is audible within 300 feet, but not audible. The effects of this thunderous smite are audible, and the target is knocked prone. This is a very strong spell, but it can only be cast by a blacksmith.

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