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The Origins of the Crying Cat Meme

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The popular “Crying Cat” meme has become a viral phenomenon that goes viral every few weeks. The white cat is standing in front of a computer, giving a thumbs up to signal happiness. Its original use was to represent situations of extreme sadness and is now used to express heartbreak. The memes are now so widespread that they are being used as a symbol for anything that makes people feel sad. Time has lost its meaning for all of us.

The image first appeared on April 9, 2015, on a German image board called pr0gramm. It’s based on a German joke with the same name. Within three years, it had reached viral status, with many images being shared on sites like Facebook, Reddit, and 4chan. The crying cat meme has become a global phenomenon. However, the original creator has yet to reveal the identity of the cat. This article will discuss some of the origins of the cry, and how it became a viral meme.

The cry cat image was first posted on April 9, 2015 on the German image board pr0gramm. The German name of this image was “Schmuserkadser.” The meme became very popular in just a short period of time, and there are now more than 925 crying cat images on the web. The popularity of the crying cat is only expected to grow as the internet continues to grow. If you’re looking for a great way to share your favorite photos on social networks, this is the perfect option!

The first crying cat image was shared on the internet in January 2017. The image has gone viral in less than four years, and was originally posted on the German image board pr0gramm. It is derived from the German term “Schmuserkadser” and became widely popular in the next three years. Soon, the meme spread across the web and was uploaded to Facebook and Reddit sites. It has been viewed more than a billion times since then.

A cryin’t just a cute image, but a powerful meme. In January, a German meme board named pr0gramm posted the first crying cat image. The image has become incredibly popular within just three years and has gained millions of followers on social media websites. And, the popularity of the memes is not limited to the internet. In addition to the viral crying cat picture, there are many similar images that have spread across the internet.

The crying cat meme has been spreading through social media for over four years. It has even become a sensation amongst kids, who often find it hilarious to see their favorite celebrities crying. It is also a great way to get your message across. The crying cat meme has captured the hearts of millions of people, and has become a social media sensation. This image is gaining popularity on Facebook as an internet video. It has also spread through various forums.

A crying cat meme is a photohopped image of a cat in a sad mood. The image is popular in social media, and it is also a popular reaction image for injured people. For example, an injured person with a broken leg might react by saying: “Sad, but not really hurting, just a little bit.” Those are just two examples of the many popular images of a crying cat.

Interestingly, the crying cat meme was popular in January 2017 and has since become an internet phenomenon. Its popularity has spread across social networks, and over 925 images have been uploaded in four years. Despite its simplicity, it’s been a hit among users of all age groups. There are various reasons why it has become so popular. It is a reaction to a bad day. It’s funny, but a crying cat meme is an effective way to spread a common feeling.

The crying cat meme is a popular reaction image for a lot of different situations. It has become an important part of online culture and has been used to make people feel bad. The image was created in January 2017 by a Facebook user named smokememe and has been used on numerous websites and social media. It has been shared more than 925 times and is the most popular cat meme on social media. It has been an important topic for people across the world.

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